Beginners Urban Farm Kit

Beginners Urban Farm Kit

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Our Beginners Urban Farm Kit comes with all the equipment you need to grow vegetables. All you need is access to a standard garden hose or a water spigot which comes with every home and an area with good sunlight.  This kit will convert any 1' x 5' space into a perfect high production vegetable garden with a conservative estimate of growing 25 lbs. of food over one summer. 

The Urban Farm Kit Includes: 

- 5 Fabric Grow Bags: (5 gallon)

- Irrigation Hoses

- Irrigation Drippers

- Watering Timer

- Setup Instructions

- One Year Warranty On All Parts

Fabric Grow Bags

Our grow bags are made from extremely durable and breathable material. These grow bags are meant for growing absolutely any vegetable including tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, corn, carrots and anything else that grows well in your climate. RPET Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles woven into an extremely durable fabric material which which can last for several seasons. They have easy to grab handles that make moving your urban farm kit as simple as possible. Just fill a grow bag with soil, plant seed and place drip irrigation over the seed. Water will drip unto the seed and the plant will grow! Just make sure to place the bag in a space with good sunlight. You'll be amazed at how many vegetables you can grow with just one of these bags.    

Irrigation Hose 

These simple to use hoses feed water directly to each individual grow bag. This eliminates about 30% of water waste. It almost completely eliminates any daily manual labor required with watering your plants. Water is dripped only directly over your desired plant which helps decrease weed growth by 95%.

Garden Fabric

Garden fabric is layed down underneath the grow bags. This ensures that no weeds are allowed to grow in between bags which would be very difficult to remove. Garden fabric must also be cut into circles with holes in the center. This helps eliminate nearly 95% of weeds. 

Irrigation Water Timer

Automatically water your plants according to a set schedule. This easy to program device runs on two AA batteries, can last up to 10 weeks or more without a change of batteries and can set to run multiple times throughout the day.

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