FREE Grow Bag - Spring Give Away - 5 Gallon RPET Grow Bag

FREE Grow Bag - Spring Give Away - 5 Gallon RPET Grow Bag

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Fabric grow bag with extremely durable and breathable material. This bag's got strong easy to grab handles, heavy-duty stitching, thick felt-like material, porous fabric and it's UV-resistant. The thick material captures heat during the day and keeps an outer layer of the soil warm which stabilises roots temperature. This gives plants a boost in the early spring and the fall by keeping them warm and stimulating faster growth. 

These grow bags are meant for growing absolutely any vegetable including tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, corn, carrots and anything else that grows well in Edmonton. RPET Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles woven into an extremely durable fabric material which can last for several seasons. They have easy to grab handles that make moving your urban farm kit as simple as possible. Just fill a grow bag with soil, plant seed and place drip irrigation over the seed. Water will drip unto the seed and the plant will grow! Just make sure to place the bag in a space with good sunlight. You'll be amazed at how many vegetables you can grow with just one of these bags. 

Tip: This bag is perfect to grow every type of plant we've experimented with, including lettuce, beans, corn, cucumbers and strawberries. If you're looking to grow tomatoes, potatoes or other rooted vegetables you're better off growing with the 15 Gallon RPET Grow Bag. 


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